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Greenfingers – Demelza House

Let’s go on a woodland wildlife safari


Set in the Kent countryside Demelza Hospice offers an escape for families and we wanted to reflect that in a garden created to take advantage of the existing tree cover and develop lots of ways to explore, space for activities to stimulate creativity and wildlife to discover

In the Greenfingers’ Woodland Wildlife Safari we’ll lose ourselves in the countryside and discover how we live alongside plants, insects, birds and animals, where everyone can grow together.

A network of paths and different spaces allows children and families to explore everywhere together. With two entrances at the bottom and top of the garden you can enter the garden from different directions. At the lower level the path weaves around past fun play activities such as the worm hole, an ant walk and the wildlife highway under a bridge.

From here small areas start to appear, a tree seat next to the existing birch trees, leading onto a series of performing platforms that work up to a new covered wildlife house for outdoor play on rainy days and containing the biggest wildlife hotel in Kent!