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Roehampton Club


Phase 1 2020-2021

We are currently consulting on a long term project to improve the landscape at the Roehampton Club’s golf course.

The design of the landscape improvements are underlined by a number of key principles.

  • Improving the aesthetic value of the landscape for members as they enjoy the course.
  • Improving the use of resources on site especially the large quantity of composted soil that has built up over the years.
  • Developing a new landscape that will be more future proof given the challenges around climate change including plant health, plant selection, reducing water usage and planting for bio-diversity.
Sustainable planting design, resilient plants and good landscape management is at the core of what we are doing.
The area shown was planted in November 2019 and has been designed especially with low water management in mind. It is an exposed site but by choosing the right planting methods and waterwise plants we are able to create a dry garden planting over more than 500 square metres that has established itself in just 9 months.