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swimming pools and summer planting

Get ready for summer

It’s a little dull and very wet in January but we want you to think about the summer. A long hot summer.

We’re already really busy this year and have been commissioned for lots of new gardens in 2021 from small courtyard gardens to large countryside gardens. From bird baths to swimming pools and raised vegetable beds to greenhouses.

If you got the gardening bug last year why not try out a new online course from the online partner of the London College of Garden Design? They are running courses on planning to grow vegetables and fruit in small spaces and creating wildlife gardens. Both great activities for families to do together.

If you just want to relax in your garden many furniture suppliers sold out early last year so start looking for the perfect lounger, a firepit or a large dining table and chairs for when we’re all allowed to mix in our gardens again.

Plants are a little in short supply at the moment because of Brexit more than anything but we know our nurseries and garden centres are growing more for the Spring so plan your planting ideas now and get ordering. Remember always to be sure where your plants come from – use a local nursery, garden centre or small garden shop and ask them where their plants were grown – let’s support small businesses!

And if you need some help, well you know where we are!