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Jobs for late autumn

We’ve been asked alot this week about autumn tidying so here are soem tips to get ahead of the game by starting your autumn chores now!

  • Finish planting spring bulbs and early summer bulbs such as Alliums – these will look great next year at a fraction of ready grown prices.
  • Keep dead-heading roses for continued flowers and prune other shrubs and trees that need controlling now. 
  • In the fruit garden pick late fruiting varieties and start pruning back other varieties.
  • Cover ponds with netting to catch the leaf fall.
  • Clear leaves from lawns to keep grass healthy and clear from paths to stop them becoming slippery.
  • Get quotes for winter tree work now – you can get details of recommended tree surgeons from the Arboricultural Association at
  • In mid to late autumn you can begin to transplant shrubs and small trees. Wait for leaves to drop on deciduous plants first. Prune evergreen hedges and cut out diseased, dead and damaged wood in shrubs.