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Jobs for the summer

Summer is here and it’s VERY HOT!
  • Beat a hosepipe ban by mulching and saving every last drop of water for the garden. If its rained and the lawn is still growing then you need to start cutting the lawn twice a week if you want stripes. Cut regularly, weed and feed.
  • Keep cutting the lawn every week and make sure its weed free.
  • Remember to keep all your annuals and vegetables free of weeds, regularly fed and watered.
  • You can still cut hedges but be weary of being too hard when you can’t water the hedge properly. A light trim of box and yew hedges should be enough but my beech hedge seems to survive most weather challenges. Conifer hedges usually survive very dry conditions.
  • Trees are the most vulnerable to drought and you won’t spot problems until its too late so give them a few regular buckets of bath water each week.
  • Keep ponds topped up if you are not in a drought order area.